Julius Musembi

I did spend slightly over 3 weeks in Kenya – my home country (November 28th – December 19th 2007). Majority of my time in Kenya was spend organizing, coordinating, and participating in 2 Rural Community Health Camps (near where I was born and grew up) as a volunteer and financial sponsor. My work was in association with a group of 40 Kenyan Doctors who have been performing these camps for the last 3 years.

Decision to engage and participate in this activity had been simmering in my mind for a while. This is based on my frequent visits back to Kenya and observing the difficulties faced by people in accessing and getting health care. My mind was made up early last year (April 2007) when my mom had a stroke and admitted to hospital. For the first time in close to 20 years, I actually visited a Kenyan Hospital. I encountered a situation I find very difficult to describe and unable to understand how an average Kenyan deals with. Knowing my Mom was in the best care there was in Kenya incensed me more because I knew the situation is much worse everywhere else and to many people.

Some who visited my mom (close family and personal friends) by way of expressing their sympathy told me stories from their own experience with the health care and in a way actually expressing their concern my mom’s health problem may cause to my family financially.  Bear in mind that over 90% of 35 Million people in Kenya have no health insurance and rely on government for health care

These are all people I know personally with real firsthand medical experience about themselves.

There are few of more depressing narratives but you get the point….


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